Track voice and video calls in Facebook Messenger

Hack another person's FB Messenger contact list

To start tracking, specify the link to the target account or the phone number it is registered to:
  • check Continuous tracking of call history and new calls
  • check Real-time call status tracking
  • check Access to information about all added contacts
  • check Listen and record FB Messenger calls
  • check Built-in tools for playing recordings

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Взломать список контактов в FB Messenger
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Where to find an app to track your call history and contact list through Messenger.

Such an application exists - it is called SpyMSG. The software is able to track calls to FB Messenger on a new phone, hack the account's contact list. To track audio calls and video calls, create a SpyMSG account, pay for a suitable package of services, and wait for the hacking to complete. After that, the software will track calls in real time, and then broadcast the audio and video signal to the interface of the Dashboard.

Hacking Facebook Messenger call history gives you access to the following features

Call logs

The Dashboard displays an array of data on all voice and video calls ever made in the account. Users can track the exact start time of the conversation and its duration, the history of past interactions with the interlocutor.

Call Tracking

Once an account has been compromised, the application's algorithms install a tracking tool in its database that instantly tracks new calls, and duplicates the information about them in the user interface.

Notification of calls by sending notifications

Tracking calls through SpyMSG is made especially effective by the built-in notification system. The software sends instant notifications of new calls. System and email notifications can be sent.

Installing wiretapping

In fact, wiretapping calls is a broadcast of the audio and video signal of the monitored call to the Personal Account. Thus, the user is not a participant in the call and cannot detect surveillance in any way.

Call Recording

In addition, the software has built-in functionality for recording calls. Upon completion of the call, the call record is saved in the database of the SpyMSG account. The software stores an unlimited number of call records.

Downloading data to the device

Any data files can be downloaded to your device so that they can be viewed online. Before exporting, files are converted into media files or documents that can be opened with the standard functionality of any operating system.

Hacking the owner's profile

Cracked profile message history; Tracking user activity; Account authorization data

Access to other channels of the owner

Hacking, monitoring and managing other channels where the user is the owner or administrator

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Offline access to call records

This feature is available due to the function of synchronizing hacked account data with the device memory. When synchronization is activated, the app algorithms will download all call recordings to the device in the background, if there is a WiFi connection. Call records will be automatically converted to MP4 files before downloading.

Convert call log to a CSV table

When hacking the call history in Facebook Messenger and then exporting it, the software composes the data into a table so that it can then be immediately imported into any data service. Before exporting, users can use filters and sorting options to adjust the array of data displayed in the table.

Incoming calls

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Outgoing calls

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Unreceived calls

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Missed calls

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Additional features of the application

SpyMSG™ is a next stage IT solution offering remote monitoring.

  • Unique hacking technology

    The software uses the technology of scaling access to the database, that is, to crack the full database, it only needs access to one data packet. In combination with using a third-party interface to display it, this guarantees access to the full array of account data, and eliminates any possibility of detection of hacking by the Facebook Messenger security system.

  • Built-in tools for playing back recordings

    Media files with call recordings can be played directly in the web application. The player functionality allows you to adjust the playback speed of the recording and create quick links to specific moments of the call. If your Internet connection speed is slow, the software automatically adjusts the quality of the recording to minimize delays in playback.

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    Privacy and anonymity

    The call and contact data of a compromised Facebook Messenger account is available only to the SpyMSG user who initiates the hack. When the database is saved to the SpyMSG repository, all information is encrypted and the decryption key is locked to the account. No one on the product team can view or use this information in any way.

Last update
SpyMSG 6.4.0 Added conversion of call recordings to new formats. The software now converts recordings to M4V, MOV, WMV and MPEG media files. You can adjust the file size for each type of audio and video recording. Thus, call recordings can now be played through any media players.

Synchronize the contact list with the device memory. When the function is activated, the application will automatically create new contacts in the device's memory, identical to the contacts of the hacked Facebook Messenger account.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to export the call history, but I'm only interested in data about calls with a certain person. Can I customize the content of the exported table?

Yes, you can, just set the filters before exporting the file. The software will take into account all applied metrics when converting the call log to a table.

Does the software track information about deleting contacts?

A list of deleted contacts is displayed in the Activity ribbon: you can find it manually or use the Search for it by entering the Deleted Contacts key.

Can I listen to calls in the desktop version of the app?

Yes, the software functionality available to you remains the same, no matter which device you use.

Are there any ways to increase the privacy of wiretaps?

Theoretically, you can use a VPN so that the messenger's security system cannot track your IP address, but this is not necessary — since SpyMSG users interact with account data through a third-party interface, tracking any data about them is impossible.

Can I adjust the incoming signal quality when broadcasting a call?

Users cannot adjust the signal quality manually, but the app does it automatically.