GPS Data Tracking via Facebook Messenger App

Track a person's movements via FB Messenger online

Before you start monitoring geodata, specify the link to the profile that you are going to track, or the phone number to which it is linked:
  • check Tracking the location of authorized devices
  • check Tracking a user's movement history
  • check Sent and received links to events
  • check All geometries can be displayed on web maps
  • check Find a lost phone via FB Messenger

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all Terms of Use

Location on the map
Oberbrunner Darrell


  • I'm on my way, I need a marker on the map to find you
  • Send your location
  • I'll be there in 15 minutes
    I'm on my way
  • Yes, here's a look
  • Okay, wait for me.

Track your location via Facebook Messenger, how do I do it?

To track someone else's movements through FB-Messenger by phone number or profile link, it is enough to get access to the broadcast of his GPS data. The SpyMSG geolocation tracker can be used for this. To get access to such data, you need software that will not only determine the location, but also track its changes in real time. Today there are several applications that will help you find out where the user is via Facebook Messenger. We recommend paying attention to SpyMSG — this is a proven way of hacking and tracking geolocation FB-Messenger is equipped with everything necessary to remotely spy on the movements of another person.

The software has the following functionality for working with geodata:

Determining the current location

In order to determine where a person is via Facebook Messenger, the software scales the access to the database obtained during hacking. Geodata is displayed without any delay or error.

Tracking movements in live mode

The movements of the target user are displayed on the web maps built into the application interface in real time. The movement history can be exported as a CSV table with the coordinates of the visited locations.

Tracking links to events

The software analyzes all the links that are sent by the tracked user or his interlocutor. Links leading to pages of events or places are displayed in the corresponding window of the Geodata tab.

Hacking Geotagging Logs

After hacking the target account, all the data from the geomatics log is converted into a table that can be downloaded to the device, and then imported into any mapping service or tool for working with geodata.

Geolocation monitoring of authorized devices

The application is the optimal solution for tracking a lost or stolen phone via Facebook Messenger. The current GPS data of all devices on which the Messenger account is authorized is displayed in the Dashboard.

Synchronization with Google Maps and OpenStreetMap

All tracked geodata can be displayed in external mapping services in just a few clicks. For permanent access to your Google Maps account settings, you need to activate the GPS Data Synchronization function in the Settings.

Regular Routes

SpyMSG algorithms analyze the movements of authorized devices and then track trends in them. Frequent or regular routes are saved and displayed separately. A route can be saved or deleted.

Restoring deleted Geometries

Comprehensive database access allows the software to recover even those geotags that were previously deleted by a compromised user. It does not matter exactly when they were deleted.

en 4700 W 172nd St, Lawndale, CA 90260, USA


en 4700 W 172nd St, Lawndale, CA 90260, USA

10 min ago

en 4510 170th St, Lawndale, CA 90260, USA

15 min ago

en 4532 W 173rd St, Lawndale, CA 90260, USA

5 min ago

List of places visited

The software compares the coordinates of the visited places with the addresses of the locations indicated on their Facebook page. From the Personal Account, the user can get to the place page in one click, track the time of the visit and the duration of the stay in it. The SpyMSG application also keeps statistics on visits to places, which is displayed as an infographic.

Notification scenarios based on movements

This unique functionality makes SpyMSG a full-fledged spy equipment for spying on Facebook Messenger users. When creating notification scripts, you can select a specific zone on the map, after which the application will send you notifications that the owner of the hacked account has visited or, conversely, left this zone.

google maps

How to set up motion tracking in Facebook Messenger:

By following the sequence of actions described below, you will be able to get permanent access to geolocation information of any Messenger user.


Creating a SpyMSG account

When creating an account, it is enough to specify a link to the target profile, or a phone number linked to it. Registration takes place via e-mail or through authorization via social networks.


Choosing a package of services

Service packages vary in cost and included functionality. We recommend that you understand the difference between the purchased features before paying. However, we note that if necessary, you can purchase additional functionality at any time.


Access to GPS data

Once payment is completed, the software proceeds to geolocation hacking and tracking installation. The entire process takes no more than 15 minutes, and once completed, the user is able to instantly switch to location tracking.

  • Tracking messages about time and place

    The application analyzes the correspondence in the background for the presence of certain keywords that could indicate a discussion of a meeting or a visit to a place. Message analysis is a new functionality that we invite all users to test. You can activate the function in the Settings.

  • The software displays geodata without delay and error

    This is possible thanks to the technological support of the software — all the costs associated with production facilities are borne by specialized SpyMSG servers capable of processing big data in real time.

  • sparkles

    The functionality of the application is constantly being improved

    We are constantly updating the application to prevent the obsolescence of tracking algorithms. In addition, the SpyMSG team constantly analyzes feedback from users, and tries to take into account their instructions and wishes. Some updates are aimed at improving the user experience and optimizing the front-end component of the application.


Frequently Asked Questions

How important is the availability of a mobile network connection for monitored devices?

It is not fundamental, for tracking you only need to have the GPS system enabled on the target device.

Is there any way I can save the geometrics I'm interested in?

Yes, users can add important geotags, places, events, and routes to Bookmarks. In addition, they can be synchronized with Google Maps and saved in the application's database.

What location data packages can I export?

Registered SpyMSG users can export location and movement data, geo-tagged coordinates, coordinates of places and events visited, and links to them.

What is the accuracy of GPS geolocation coordinates provided?

The accuracy of the coordinates depends on the current location and the density of cellular towers. In the case of urban use, you can accurately determine not only the point, but also the address of the current location.

Will the software continue to track the movements of the Facebook Messenger user if the authorized device is disabled?

No, the app needs access to the device's GPS data to track movements. However, it will display the coordinates of the last place where the device was before disconnecting.