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The most effective solution for users looking for a way to track FB Messenger is the free spy app SpyMSG. The software in the free version is completely similar to the regular version. The Facebook Messenger hacking app also sets up account tracking, allowing the user to find out what's going on in the account in real time. At the moment, the program is the optimal spy app for installing online Messenger tracking.

After hacking Messenger, the application opens access to the following functionality:

Tracking correspondence

The application provides access to the full message history of the compromised account. In addition, the software algorithms install a tool to track Messenger activity in the account database, which allows you to instantly learn about new messages.

Call History

The SpyMSG interface displays the history of outgoing and incoming calls over the lifetime of the account. The software tracks all types of calls: voice and video calls, group audio and video conferences.

Movement monitoring

When tracking your location, the software broadcasts to your SpyMSG account the actual GPS data of the devices where the target Facebook Messenger account is authorized. The broadcast occurs in real time.

Tracking activity

A notification system is integrated into the software, allowing users to instantly find out about everything that happens in the account. In addition, using the Activity Chronicle tool, you can track activity in chronological order.

Message history

Users get access to all the Stories of the hacked profile— including those whose display the account owner has limited to privacy settings. Stories are available for viewing even if they have not been saved and their display period has expired.

Tracking contacts

The contacts list is a table that contains all the data of users who are in Contacts of a compromised account. With the appropriate permission from the Messenger app, the software can scale the dataset to the list of contacts stored on the device.

Call listening

Facebook Messenger uses the same principle as geolocation tracking: The software transmits audio and video signals to the Personal Area. Important: The quality of the signal does not depend on the Internet connection of the tracked user.

Reset password

SpyMSG users get full control over the hacked account. In your Dashboard, you can track the current password and the history of its changes in the past, reset the password, and then create a new one. The password can be used to log in to the profile via Facebook and FB Messenger.

Read another person's Fb message

Read another person's correspondence

The correspondence is viewed remotely, unnoticed by the user and the application protection system. SpyMSG allows you to hack full correspondence in Messenger, track deleted messages, and search through the message history. Important messages can be added to Bookmarks so that you can then have quick access to them. The correspondence can be downloaded to the device in XLS file format.


Set call history tracking

The tracking tool built into the account database gives the software the ability to track Facebook Messenger calls in real time. In addition to tracking and hacking call logs, SpyMSG can be used to set up call tapping, recording and subsequent playback of call contents.

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Track other people's activity in Facebook Messenger

Track other people's activity in Facebook Messenger

The software allows you to set tracking of any type of activity in the account, and also gives access to confidential user data. For example, all registered SpyMSG users can identify a phone number in Facebook Messenger by a link to a profile. In your Dashboard, you can also track all the activity in your account in chronological order. Tracking is completely anonymous, the approach used provides complete protection against hacking detection.

Restoring access

Restoring an account without a phone number

The functionality of SpyMSG makes it the optimal solution for recovering lost access to Facebook Messenger. In order to regain an account, reset a password or create a new password without a confirmation code, all you have to do is provide a link to the profile or the phone number to which it is linked. Access to the phone number itself is not necessary, neither is the location of both users.

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Movement History

Track location via Facebook Messenger

The application has the ability to determine the source of cellular communication in order to track the location of the device on which the monitored Facebook profile is authorized. In addition, the software can scale the data and show the history of the account owner's movements. To display the data, a browser interface is sufficient, web maps are built into the Dashboard, which is synchronized with Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps.

Hacking Facebook Messenger

Hack another person in
FB Messenger for free

The SpyMSG partner program is a solution for those who are looking for a free application to hack Facebook Messenger. The task of the program participants is to attract new users to the application. Depending on the number of attracted customers, participants get the opportunity to hack Facebook Messenger for free, or withdraw funds to an external account through any payment system.

Hack another person in FB Messenger for free

Is it possible to hack Messenger for free with SpyMSG™. How many users use it?

Yes, but there are a limited number of applications for this. In fact, you need to find a full-fledged spyware capable of hacking Messenger by username or phone number.

SpyMSG is a spy app that can hack someone else's Messenger account without a phone number. Messenger hacking program has a wide range of features and a good reputation, which allows you to call it a proven way to hack Messenger.

Anonymous monitoring

Spy on Someone else's Facebook Messenger Account

Information from the account history will be loaded into your dashboard after you start the session.


enter the profile number or url


Cost and payment

You can order hacking several Messenger accounts at once and get an additional discount.


Base fare

  • checked1 Account
  • checkedRemote control
  • checked24/7 Support


Optimal fare

  • checked3 Accounts
  • checkedRemote control
  • checked24/7 Support


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  • checkedRemote control
  • checked24/7 Support

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Zboncak Shaun
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I track my friends through online spy. They don't understand what's going on and how I do it. Believe me, it's a lot of fun.

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My Facebook Messenger profile was hijacked. I have no idea who needed it, but it's a fact. The support service just ignored me and then I restored through this site simply and quickly.

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I will say just a few words. The application does not need to be installed. Therefore, it is simply the best for today. The launch will take you about five minutes, and you will also save your nerves. The result is just fire 🔥🔥🔥

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Yeah, and I thought Messenger chats were completely confidential and securely encrypted, but no… Do not store important information in messengers, use your own encrypted communication channels - that's my advice to you.

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In a short time this tool has become my favorite spy app. They have gone through many updates since the beginning and almost comprehended perfection. This tool is really a great value for every user.

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I was badly let down by my employee. In the correspondence, he confessed everything, but later deleted his messages. The function of restoring deleted messages helped me a lot to resolve a conflict situation in the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SpyMSG app guarantee the safety and protection of hacked account data?

Yes, this is spelled out in the software's Data Storage Policy. Hacked databases are stored encrypted, and the decryption key is generated offline, even members of the SpyMSG team do not have access to the data.

Can SpyMSG users track a Facebook Messenger account password?

Yes, users can track a password, delete it, and create a new one. However, we do not recommend logging into a tracked target through the Messenger interface, it may break the confidentiality of the hack.

Will the monitored user find out about the hack?

Only in case the hacker is not careful enough. If you work with the account data only through the SpyMSG interface, the hack will remain invisible to the account owner, and the messenger security system will not react to it in any way.

Which devices and operating systems are compatible with the software?

A stable Internet connection and an updated browser are sufficient for stable operation of the application. SpyMSG is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Is it possible to view correspondence in Messenger without internet access?

Yes, the complete profile database, including correspondence history, can be downloaded to your device as an archive. In order to keep it constantly up to date, you can activate the data synchronization function between SpyMSG and the phone memory.

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