Facebook Messenger app for tracking Stories

Parental controls for Facebook Messenger online

To set the tracking it is enough to specify the profile URL or the phone number linked to it:
  • check All profile activity in chronological order
  • check Real-time activity tracking
  • check Access the Stories archive and track new stories
  • check Flexible notification system for new activity
  • check Identify the linked phone number by the profile URL

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all Terms of Use

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  • How do I track someone else's Fb account?
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Is there a real way to establish surveillance of the FB Messenger profile?

We recommend you to try the application for tracking activity in Facebook Messenger SpyMSG. This software is able to scale access to the account database, and thus track absolutely any kind of data. For example, at the moment it is the only way to track Stories in Messenger. In addition, there is good news for those who want to track the activity of a child — the application provides a special package of services that allows you to establish full parental control in Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger tracker is capable of tracking the following types of data:

Message History

You can use the software to track your private and group chats. Tracked voice messages can be listened to directly in the interface of the web application. To navigate through your message history, the software features a Keyword Search.


Call initiation information is tracked in real time. Users can see the status of the call at the current moment. The call cell also shows the duration of the call.

Correspondence Requests

The app gives you access to full information about the sender of a correspondence request. You can also find out whether the account owner viewed the request, whether the request was accepted, ignored, or archived.

Confidential Data

When hacked, SpyMSG creates the ability to trace any account data, regardless of its privacy settings. Thus, the software can identify the phone number in Messenger from the account link.

Contact list

In addition to the contact list itself, the app tracks data such as when the contact was created and the last time he or she was online. For each contact, the history of interactions with the tracked account is displayed.

GPS data of authorized devices

The app has a wide range of tools for working with geolocation data: location tracker, geotagging history cracking, message and link analysis for location names and events.

Deleted data

The software is capable of restoring any data that has been deleted from the compromised account's database: messages, calls, friends, contacts, and more. In addition, the software shows the history of password changes.

Login and password

Actual authorization data is also tracked instantly. Users can view the password, and if necessary, reset it and create a new one. You can also request an unlimited number of verification codes to recover your password via Facebook or FB Messenger.

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Data on Messenger usage

The software tracks information about the history of Messenger app usage on authorized smartphones and tablets. Statistical excerpts for any period can be viewed as infographics that include information such as total time online (during a given period), the most used device for correspondence, and more.

Tracking activity in Messenger. How does it work?

The application algorithms use a ”hole" in the Messenger protection system: by initiating the password recovery procedure, the software intercepts an SMS message with a verification code sent to the phone number linked to the account. The code allows you to access the full account database in the form in which it is stored on Facebook servers. The database is duplicated in a third-party interface - the SpyMSG Personal Account. The combination of a virtual device and a third-party interface ensures maximum privacy and anonymity of hacking.

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Messenger monitoring app. What else is important to know

Tracking activity in someone else's Messenger account.



The software is compatible with almost any device and any operating system. In general, the only thing that needs to be taken care of for stable data tracking is a continuous Internet connection. The interface of the Personal Account is fully adaptive: the device type and screen resolution do not affect or change the user experience in any way.


Notification system

SpyMSG alerts allow you to make account tracking as autonomous as possible — you do not have to open your Personal Account to find out about new activity in your account that may interest you: when configuring the notification system, users can create notification scripts. Scenarios help to clearly indicate what kind of activity you would like to learn about.


Tracking multiple accounts

Any SpyMSG user can create up to 5 simultaneous Facebook Messenger account tracking sessions. Tracking multiple accounts is also financially beneficial.— the more accounts you hack, the lower the average price per hack will be. A new hacking session can be created at any time in the corresponding tab of the Personal Account.

Hacking a secret chat in Messenger

Among other things, the software has unique functionality that allows you to hack secret chats in Facebook Messenger. Upon completion of the hack, users get access to the history of all group chats of the account.

Anonymous monitoring

Spy on Someone else's Facebook Messenger Account

Information from the account history will be loaded into your dashboard after you start the session.


enter the profile number or url


Cost and payment

You can order hacking several Messenger accounts at once and get an additional discount.


Base fare

  • checked1 Account
  • checkedRemote control
  • checked24/7 Support


Optimal fare

  • checked3 Accounts
  • checkedRemote control
  • checked24/7 Support


Invite your friends and earn 25% of their commissions!

  • checkedunlimited accounts
  • checkedRemote control
  • checked24/7 Support

You can see information about frequently asked questions in the faq section.
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What our customers say about us

Medhurst Keeley
star star star star star5

I lost my phone when I lived in another country. The operator refused to restore the number without going to the office with my passport! Found a way out and restored it through this app. I am very happy with the result. Fast and reliable.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I was very let down by my coworker. He confessed to everything in the correspondence, but later deleted his messages. The message recovery feature helped me a lot in resolving the conflict in the campaign.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I turned on my wife's phone tracking so she wouldn't have to worry about me! Now she feels better, too, when she knows everything. And I don't have to report my actions again.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I needed to get my ex-girlfriend's Facebook password so that I could delete from my correspondence some very personal information that I had foolishly sent her. Well, it took some expense, but it was totally worth it. The app not only shows my current password

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star star star star star5

My clients are shocked, we have never had such effective campaigns on a regular basis. Many thanks to those who thought it up and developed it, top solution!!!

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Сoolest tip for targeters! You have no idea how much easier life becomes when you can simply export your competitor's retargeting audiences and then run ads on them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download tracked data as a file or document?

Yes, any tracked data can be converted into a media file or table, and then downloaded to the device. The software converts message history and data tables to CSV files, and voice messages to MP4 audio tracks.

Do I need to interact with my child's smartphone in any way to set up parental controls?

No, the installation of the tracking pixel into the child's account database is completely self-contained: the only actions you need to perform are registering your SpyMSG account and selecting a package.

Can I set up notifications to find out about new Stories published in my profile?

Yes, notification scripts can be set up for any new activity.

Is there any possible delay when displaying new data?

No, the duplication of new data to the Personal Account takes place in real time. The delay is possible only due to the interruption of the user's Internet connection.

Can I track my Facebook Messenger account by phone number?

Yes, it works both ways: in SpyMSG, users can determine the phone number by the link to the profile, and track the profile by the phone number.