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Before you start the hack, provide a link to your profile or the phone number your account is linked to:
  • check Resetting password without access to phone number
  • check Recovering deleted messages and chats
  • check Downloading the account database to your device
  • check Viewing messages without logging in to account
  • check Request a verification code to restore access

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How do I restore Messenger account without a phone number?

The best solution to regain access to the profile in Messenger without a phone number and contacting support is the SpyMSG app. In addition to, in fact, resetting the password from Messenger, the software has a fairly wide functionality. For example, the program can restore deleted messages and chats in the Messenger, view deleted correspondence. In order to return a hacked Facebook account, it is enough to specify a link to the target profile or the phone number to which it is linked.

The functionality of the Messenger account recovery application includes:

Restoring account access

The software to restore access to Messenger allows an unlimited number of times to request a verification code, with which users can then log into the account through the application interface.

Reset password

If necessary, users can also use software to reset the old password and create a new one. In addition, in the Dashboard interface, you can see the history of password changes, with the date of change and the device.

Recovering deleted messages

At the moment, SpyMSG is the only stable functioning solution for restoring deleted messages and chats in Messenger. You can return chats and messages regardless of when they were deleted.

Offline access to the database

Users of the application have access to the database synchronization function with the memory of authorized devices. The software downloads database updates to the device in the background if there is an Internet connection.

Viewing messages without changing their status

This feature is a kind of "Invisible" mode for Facebook Messenger. Thanks to the use of a third-party interface, users can view unread messages, while for the sender their status will remain as "Unread".

Tracking device geolocation

The application can be used to track the location of devices where your Facebook account is authorized. The software displays the geolocation of devices on an interactive map in real time.

Tracking editing history

The ability to track the history of editing messages is exclusive to SpyMSG users, the functionality of Messenger itself does not allow this. You will be able to view the messages before making edits and see the time of their introduction.

Navigating an account database

In the interface of the software integrated a number of tools that allow you to find text messages and photos by keywords (for image analysis is used by AI), and track them in chronological order.

Restore contacts in Messenger

Restore contacts in Messenger

By accessing the above array of data, the software is able to get deleted contacts back into Facebook Messenger. Contacts are collected in a table that contains data about the name, associated phone number and email, interaction history. The restored contact list can be viewed online or exported as a CSV table.

View Stories in Messenger without leaving a trace

Using a third-party interface also allows you to view the Stories of users you are subscribed to, without simultaneously appearing in the list of viewers. In addition, the software interface has the ability to download the content of the Story to the device.

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Find a lost or stolen phone

The app's algorithms have constant access to the GPS data of all authorized devices, allowing users to track their location at any time. This functionality makes it possible to locate a lost or stolen phone in just a few seconds. Using the software, it is also possible to instantly close all active Messenger sessions on other devices.

How do I restore a deleted chat in Messenger?

Restoring a deleted chat to a Messenger is not an easy task: the correspondence data is stored not on the device, but in the account database on the Messenger servers. At the moment, the only solution suitable for such purposes is the SpyMSG software.

Anonymous monitoring

Spy on Someone else's Facebook Messenger Account

Information from the account history will be loaded into your dashboard after you start the session.


enter the profile number or url

Advantages of restoring an account in Messenger via SpyMSG:

  • Cross-platform interface

    The SpyMSG Dashboard functions equally stably on any devices and in any operating systems. The capabilities of the software do not change, regardless of whether you are using a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The only thing that users should take care of before starting to use the software is an updated version of the browser.

  • Ability to synchronize with the device

    The application is able to synchronize with the memory of any device. Synchronization implies the ability to configure the software in such a way that it constantly maintains the relevance of the database of this account, pre-downloaded to the device. The process takes place in the background, unnoticed by the user.

  • sparkles

    Permanent access with one-time payment

    The pricing model is arranged in such a way that after payment the user receives the software for permanent use. In addition, users can purchase the necessary functionality at any time if the initially purchased package of services does not cover all their needs.

Last update
SpyMSG 6.4.0 Restoring Facebook account. Now the software is able to restore an account not only in Messenger, but also in Facebook. In order to return the Facebook account, it is enough to specify the profile URL.

Defining password strength. We've added SpyMSG password strength assessment system, which is identical to the one used to create a password in Facebook Messenger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to restore access to the Facebook Messenger account if it has been deleted or blocked?

Yes, you can restore access to an account regardless of whether it has been deleted or blocked. There are two scenarios for viewing the data - with and without restoring the account's active status.

Will I be able to recover messages that were deleted by my interlocutor?

Yes, through the online application, you can recover deleted messages sent by the user himself, and his interlocutor.

Does the functionality allow you to restore a deleted group chat?

Yes, you can restore group chats using SpyMSG. The ability to restore does not depend on who the chat would have been created by.

Can I create a new password without logging into Facebook?

Yes, you can create a new password an unlimited number of times in the application interface. It's completely safe.

How much traffic does the software use when synchronizing the database with the device?

The software uses the amount of traffic correlated with the size of downloaded files. To save traffic, you can configure the application so that data synchronization occurs only when there is a WiFi connection.